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Welcome to Dagmar De Pooter website

My Journey

I am Belgian/Brazilian. I’ve been working as  Antwerp based Art Curator since 1995.

I obtained Fine Arts Degree at the Febasp-Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo, Brazil.

Following by stage in Curatorial Practice, “Museu como experiência didatica”, at Masp-Museu de Arte de São Paulo, coached by Pietro Maria Bardi.

I acquired Higher education-Level assessment issued by the Ministry for the Flemish Community, administrative department higher education and research. (NARIC) Brussels, Belgium.

I’m committed to planning, organizing, interpreting and presenting exhibitions, lectures and other projects in the Contemporary Arts.

Portrait Dagmar De Pooter. ©Photo by Cha

           Dagmar De Pooter  ©Photo by Charlie De Keersmaecker

The Gallery

I opened my first gallery in February 1995. The Dagmar de Pooter Gallery was a small ground floor space at the Lange Leemstraat, 19 in Antwerp, Belgium. With the aim of showing works of state-of-the-art artists. At this location, I curated vigorous projects, such as the solo shows, by Belgian artist David Claerbout, British artists Marc Provins and Cian Quayle, lectures by Belgian art critic Philippe Pirotte and Brazilian/American artist Maria Thereza Alves.

By 1996, I decided to expand the exhibition space with a move to Lambermontstraat, 26 in the South ('het Zuid') - the artistic heart of Antwerp, surrounded by many other contemporary art galleries and three museums. At this location, I curated a very impressive solo show, "0°0°" by Maria Thereza Alves.

The new gallery space was found in 2004 only twenty meters from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts -'Het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten'- in the Graaf van Hoornestraat, 6 served as the gallery’s home until 2007. During this time I represented Belgian artists, such as: Jan De Pooter, Chris Gillis, Christine Clinckx, among others.

From this moment on, my gallery started to participate in National and International Art Fairs: Lineart Ghent, Art Amsterdam, Volta Basel, Volta New York, Next Art Fair Chicago and Preview Berlin.  


From 2007 the Gallery entered a new and rip-roaring phase, relocating to the prestigious site of Pourbusstraat, 14. Surrounded by a cluster of well-respected galleries.

I was able to showcase simultaneous shows and stage even more ambitious projects and trailblazing exhibitions in this new multi-spaced gallery.

During this time I represented the Belgian artists: Franky Michielsen,

Jean-Marie Bytebier, Israeli artist Zvika Kantor, Brazilian artist Gabriela Maciel, among others.

Guests Artists with special projects: Renowned and awarded  Brazilian artist, Anna Bella Geiger, Dutch artist Olaf Mooij, Bulgarian artist Pepa Ivanova, American artist Jessica Ballenger and the Belgians Daniel Dewaele, Rufus Michielsen, Tonio de Roover, Ludo Mich, Charlie De Keersmaecker, among others.

Complete list of represented/guests artists:  

Archive . Artists A - Z       ----> Click here


In 2010, the volume of sales of my gallery was affected by the derail crises, the turmoil in the global financial markets, which started in 2007, and although the art industry is resilient, in 2011, I closed its doors.

After a couple of sabbatical years and the opportunity to realize other personal projects, I pursue as an Independent Curator within the visual art industry to aim for unexpected contexts in the making of exhibitions.


Dagmar De Pooter Gallery. Location: Lang

 Lange  Leemstraat, 19                                        

    ©Photo by Jan De Pooter                                

Dagmar De Pooter Gallery. Location:Lambe

Lambermontstraat, 26

  ©Photo by Ruben Hernandez                                

Dagmar De Pooter Gallery. Graaf Van Hoor

         Graaf Van Hoornestraat, 6                                

    ©Photo by Jan De Pooter                                

Dagmar De Pooter Gallery. Location: Pour

     Pourbusstraat, 14                                

©Photo by Jan De Pooter                                

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