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May - June 2010

“Belgae”, video installations by Belgian artists Chris Gillis and Christine Clinckx.

Curated by Dagmar De Pooter at Vanessa Quang, Paris, France


Performance Michel Verkempinck and Christine Clinckx at Vanessa Quang, Paris, France


April 2010

“CTRL + ALT + B”, group exhibition featured works by:

Ko Aarts (The Netherlands)

Jean-Marie Bytebier (Belgium)

Christine Clinckx (Belgium)

Jan De Pooter (Belgium)

Chris Gillis (Belgium)

Rufus Michielsen (Belgium)

Carina Gosselé (Belgium)

Mick Kerr (Great Britain)

Wilma Kun (Brazil)

Filip van Dingenen ( Belgium)

Marilou van Lierop (The Netherlands)


March 2010                                         

“Little Monsters”, solo exhibition by Jessica Ballenger (United States)


“Recent works”, solo exhibition by Christophe Malfliet (Belgium)


January - February 2010

 "It is what it was/is", solo exhibition by Olaf Mooij (The Netherlands)


"Hence Chat-Town: Socre du Monde", solo exhibition by Rufus Michielsen (Belgium)


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