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December 2008

"Meeting Grounds", solo exhibition by Carina Gosselé (Belgium)


"Pensées sauvages et bricolage", solo exhibition by Elise Ottaviano (Belgium)


December 2008

Lineart Art Fair Ghent, Belgium

group exhibition featured works by 4 Belgian artists :

Christine Clinckx, Christophe Malfliet, Elise Ottaviano and Yves Beaumont

7 October - 29 November 2008

"Simply" (gewoonweg), solo exhibition by  Robert De keersmaecker (Belgium)

17 October - 29 November 2008

"Mono", solo exhibition by Charlie De Keersmaecker (Belgium)


September - October 2008

"Recent Paintings", solo exhibition by  Christophe Malfliet (Belgium)


'Schildersverdriet', installation by Ellen Augustynen (Belgium), participation at  Antwerp Sculpture Show, Open Air - Initiative by  Antwerp Art Galleries, Middelheim Museum & Muhka.  Exhibition design by Luc Deleu & Top Office, Antwerp, Belgium


May - June 2008

Presentation "Het vlot van Vespacianus", Jan De Pooter (Belgium), Museum Park, Zuiderzeemuseum, (The Netherlands)


"Onverzameld, althans", solo exhibition by Frie J.Jacobs (Belgium)


"Inside, Into the frame" solo exhibition by Chris Gillis (Belgium)


May 2008

Art Amsterdam 2008

group exhibition by 6 Belgian artists, featured works by:

Jan De Pooter, Ellen Augustynen, Robert De keersmaecker, Carina Gosselé,

Frie J. Jacobs and Christoph Malfliet


14 March - 26 April 2008

"Cielo", solo exhibition by Christine Clinckx (Belgium)


14 March - 26 April 2008

"Landing", solo exhibition by Cel Crabeels (Belgium)

24 January - 09 March 2008

“The private territories”, solo exhibition by Yves Beaumont (Belgium)


24 January - 09 March 2008

Interzone", solo exhibition by Cian Quayle (Great Britain)

24 january 2008

Broadcasting / interviews at the receptions of "The private territories" and "Interzone" exhibition

at the Dagmar De Pooter Gallery for the National Television VRT, new cultural program

Canvas Collection, Interviews by Sofie Lemaire production by Veerle Heyvaert.

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