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08 December 2006 - 20 January 2007

"O que nos cerca", group exhibition featured works by:

Christine Clinckx (Belgium)

Carina Gosselé (Belgium)

Babs Decruyenaere (Belgium)

Gabriela Maciel (Brazil)

Marc Provins (Great Britain)

Cian Quayle (Great Britain)

Michael Laird (United States)

Christophe Letzer (Belgium)

Michelle Atherton (Great Britain)

Jacqueline Machado de Souza (Brazil)

Philippe Van Os (Belgium)


October - November 2006

"Vrolijke Vrienden", solo exhibition by  Christophe Malfliet (Belgium)


September 2006

“Penelope”, solo exhibition by Christine Clinckx (Belgium)


July 2006

01 and 02 July 2006, 11h to 18h

"Are You Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?" Curated by Zoë Laird

group exhibition featured works by children:

Hector De Pooter, Arthur Pas, Lilith Pas , Anna Smet, Martha Smet, Ayla Jacobs, Isha Jacobs, Fausto Malfliet, Mauro Malfliet, Nemo Robert, Marie-Jeanne Collieux, Camille Collieux,

Marinus Derix, Thomas Derix, Ezra Remes and Zoë Laird


May - June 2006


by Julien Collieux (France), open air in front of KMSK  Antwerp, accompanying solo exhibition at the gallery


March - April 2006

“Memories and the heart”, solo exhibition by  Zazah G.Van Den Broeck (Belgium)


27 January - 11 February 2006

“Fill me #2”, solo exhibition by Ellen Augustynen (Belgium)


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