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November 1996
"Murals" solo exhibition by David Suls (Belgium)

September 1996
“0°0°”, solo exhibition by Maria Thereza Alves (Brazil/United States)

“De Zwevende golf van Italo Calvino” lecture  by Bruno De Wachter (Belgium)

August 1996
Matthew Forman (Great Britain), solo exhibition in the scope of the “Zomer van de Fotografie Antwerpen 1996”

July 1996
Christoph Ruys (Belgium), solo exhibition in the Scope of the “Zomer van de Fotografie  Antwerpen 1996”


14 June - 29 June 1996
“Sis Kebab”, solo exhibition by Marc Tops (Belgium), in the Scope of the “Zomer van de Fotografie Antwerpen 1996”


09 May - 07 June 1996
“Marriage”, solo exhibition by Yves Malfliet (Belgium)

11 April - 04 May 1996
“Stratal”, by Katrien Allaert (Belgium) solo exhibition, in the Scope of “Gynaika”  and  “Antwerpen Galerie Weekend”
Maria Thereza Alves (Brazil/United States), lecture on her “0°0° Project”

March 1996
“Obscuur”, Photo Magazine (numbers 2-3-4)  exhibition/presentation. Editor: Christoph Ruys (Belgium)
February 1996
“Als de tijd een lijn is”, solo exhibition by Rubens Hernandez (Spain)

January 1996

Thursday, 25 January 1996 at 20h

 "Contemporary Photography in Britain", lecture by Marc Provins and

Matthew Forman (Great Britain)

19 January - 10 February 1996
Christophe Malfliet (Belgium), solo exhibition

Sunday, 14 January 1996 at 10.30h (ontbijtlezing)
“Kunst en Chaos”, lecture by Philippe Pirotte (Belgium


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